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25 Terms every Tourism Pro should know

Every industry has its unique terms, acronyms and words we wonder about. Let me help you understand the Top 25 terms every tourism pro like you should know!

DMOs and attractions: working together helps you beat the competition

Destination Marketing Organizations and tourism attractions should be partners and support each other. Are you doing all you can do to benefit from these relationships? Read what happens when DMOs and attractions work together - and what can happen when they don't. 

Break the Tourism Code

Our industry is full of acronyms. Let me help you figure out some of the terms you hear out there!

T.O.U.R.I.S.M Goals handout

Goal setting is the best way to accomplish growth. Tourism Pros like you can access this easy to fill out document to help you get there!

Travel Tips from Tourism pros

I asked some of the best known 'Road warriors' in our industry for their travel hacks. They did not disappoint! 

Tourism Trends for 2021 and beyond

Well, we survived 2020 so what trends will we see in 2021 and beyond?

I have focused on 4 trends I have seen and heard other Tourism Pros mentioning. You can read the trends here, or download and share them with others. 

Tourism Trends for 2020 and beyond

To find out about 2020 trends, I reached out to some of the experts in our industry. Learn about culinary travel, social media trends, China market observations, international visitation trends, and retail and tourism. 

And remember, taking action on what you learn is what will make the difference this year!

Your DMO is Like a Pizza

Yes, you read that correctly, a Pizza! When I am hosting webinars and speaking to groups, I try to think of analogies as ways to explain how our industry works. And today I am going to show you why a Pizza is a perfect example of your D.M.O!

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