Are you new to the Group Tour market? Do you need to get up to speed and understand how it works? Check out Fill Your Parking Lot: The Secrets to Getting More Group Tours. Just updated for 2021!

Welcome to the Tourism Pro Academy

2020  changed the Tourism industry. No other sector of the economy has been battered as much as Hospitality and Tourism. 

Now its 2021 and many of you are still working from home, or juggling multiple roles back at work, and trying to figure out the next best thing to do in order to fully open for customers. 

Let this site be the place where you get your bearings, and start to find ways to make this situation a positive one for you, your team, and your business. 

The saying 'We are all in this together' has always been true for tourism, now it is necessary. 

The first step? You can get started right away by checking out the Free Tourism resources section, where you can find tools such as glossaries and ‘how-to’ articles so that you can become a confident and informed tourism professional as we move forward. 

Once you have checked out those resources take a peek at the online courses, mini-courses and my e-book on the Group tour industry.

 The Pandemic has set us all back and although the future will be bright again for tourism. it won't happen overnight. Take this time to learn some new skills that will make you a stronger business professional.

My goal is to help you get more visitors through your doors. Let's do this!

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Free Resources for Tourism Pros

When you sign up for access to these free resources, you are making an investment in your tourism career. 

Best Books for Tourism Pros

Here are some of the books I recommend for becoming a better Tourism Professional. Start one today!

Online Course: Fill your Parking Lot: Secrets to getting more Group Tours

The group tour market is big business for tourism. And while things have changed over the last year, one thing is still true. This market can help you be profitable. And at only $147, you can make your money back with one new bus group!

Your Network is your Net Worth

People do business and recommend those they know, like and trust. What can you do that will help you be more connected? It all starts with understanding the strength of a network

Create a Tourism Plan using S.W.O.T

2020 showed us how our best thought-out plans can change. But learning how to do a S.W.O.T. analysis can help you succeed in every situation. 

Looking for new ideas to attract tourists? Bus groups are the answer!

 I have always said that group tours are an easier sell than an individual visitor. For the same amount of effort, you can get a tour operator to send you groups. Learn more here. 

Schedule a 1:1 Strategy Session

What if you could spend one hour with someone who could help you develop your plan and help you develop action steps to take that would bring you more visitors? 

Online Training for Tourism Pros Program

Are you looking for a way to provide more value to your partners?  Or maybe you are looking for a way to increase customer loyalty as well as the professionalism of your partners. I have a solution for you!

Time Management for Tourism Professionals

None of us have enough time, right? Well, wonder if there was an easy to use tool that helps you decide what to work on and how to best use your time and talents. This course will explain the concept and more importantly, how to use it!

Build your Brand Virtual Course

People like to business with those they know, like, and trust. Your personal brand helps to make that easier. By working on your personal brand, you set yourself up for future success. 

LinkedIn by Lunch by Louise Brogan

How does your LinkedIn profile look?

How many connection requests do you get from people you consider to be your ideal client? How often do you show up in search results for Tourism or Hospitality industry professionals?

If the answer to any of these questions is not sure or not enough, you need this course!

I have known Louise for several years and she has transformed many people's futures through changing their LinkedIn profile. 

We partnered together in 2020 to run a 5 day LI Challenge for my readers which was fun and a great success! Check out her course and change your future.

For only $97, you will have lifetime access to Louises' training!

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