Time Management for Tourism Professionals

Looking for a way to be less stressed and still get stuff done? Take this Time Management course to learn strategies and then take some action!

Buy it for only  $39.99! How much is an extra hour a day worth to you? 

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5 Modules

Time Management Video

HI ,

Thanks for joining me in this course. I  will share some Time Management tools that you can start using today! Take a minute and download the handout in the next module so you can take notes and follow along. 

Time Management Handout

Print this out if you like to take notes as you watch the training. 

The Pomodoro Technique handout

Did the Pomodoro Technique sound interesting and one you would like more information on? Check out this resource I found.

Time Management Journal

One of the most important ways to manage your time is to be aware of what you do during your day. This Time Management journal will help you see where you can make improvements.

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