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What if I told you there was a simple tool that would help you build a framework to make decisions, create plans and solve challenges? SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This course is aimed at Tourism Pros like you and this tool will help you throughout your career. See you inside! 

Here's what some Tourism Pros  who have taken the course say:

While I've been familiar with SWOT analyses it's been some time since I actively completed one. Helpful to have the framework to now use this tool in other areas of planning. The challenge to narrow down two strengths and two opportunities has allowed me to come away with something actionable that's not overwhelming.  Eliza K.

A) If we think small we act small. If we think big we act big! For example, when you asked about SWOT I immediately taught about 2 or 3 items per category will be enough. But when you asked for Ten opportunities I had to brew 3 more cups of coffee and I really felt the challenge. Thank you!

B) It made me an expert in my Hotel and even more proud of the Service and quality that was in front of me but I had not fully discovered! C) The challenge was "work-related therapy" and made all of us better patients of the travel industry. Since we are all crazy about this industry! LOL! Especially in these moments that we are experiencing!   Juan S.

1. What opportunities are realistic and more feasible to come into fruition versus unrealistic and impractical opportunities that have too many weaknesses holding them back. Basically, where I should focus my strengths/energy and what is a waste of time or not right for this moment in time. 2. The number of opportunities there are and growth available within these hotels and the leisure market.  Rebecca T.

It's hard to remember that the original task was to drain the swamp when you are up to your knees in alligators! This gave me the opportunity to ask my staff what they think our strengths and weaknesses are. Mary D.

I shouldn't be resentful of my own perceived weaknesses for the sake of moving forward with an identified opportunity. The mindfulness procured by this course helped clear my thoughts. Jonathan E.

8 Modules

Welcome to your S.W.O.T Course! Let's get started

What is a S.W.O.T. Analysis and how can it help your tourism business be more successful? Check out the templates and worksheet to get started now. 

SWOT Analysis Step 1-Strengths

Ready? Let's start with 'S'- your Strengths

SWOT Analysis Day 2

Onto day 2 of your S.W.O.T. Analysis. We will document some weaknesses to your program, business or situation. 

SWOT Analysis Day 3

Day #3. My favorite part of a S.W.O.T analysis - Opportunities!

SWOT Analysis Day 4

Day #4 of your S.W.O.T Challenge. It is important to be aware of the Threats facing our situation. 

SWOT Analysis Day 5

 Happy Day#5 of the S.W.O.T challenge. Let's see how we can put all your information together today.

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Bonus Section

You completed the S.W.O.T Challenge! Check out some additional resources I have collected for you. 

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